The future of digital lending

What are some of the best cases of digital lending globally, and where is digital landing headed?

PayU Global Head of Data Science and Credit Risk David Lin recently spoke to The Fintech Times about the core trends in this industry.

“Players in the digital lending market must ensure that they provide exceptional customer service and consumer experience, both in the online and offline world. They need to create engaging, user friendly platforms that are equipped to deliver interactive responses in real-time.” said David.

When asked about the impact of technology on credit scores, David continued “The ability to manage big data and use machine learning/AI to build analytical platforms will be the key to enabling digital lenders to overcome market challenges. The use of both alternative data and big data, along with machine learning and other technologies, will continue to advance credit decisioning.”

David also shared his views on perfecting the data management aspect of lending, providing four actionable steps.

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