PayU Xpress

PayU Xpress is a solution that allows your customers to securely pay with a single click using our secure PCI-DSS level 1 certified card tokenization services.

Ideally suited for


E-commerce stores


Large businesses


Who can use this service?

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What you get with PayU Xpress

Giving you higher conversion rates with a single click frictionless checkout process
  • Easy integration

    Easy integration

    PayU Xpress integration is as easy as adding a new payment method to your payment page

    Security with convenience

    Security with convenience

    You don’t have to process card details as PayU uses tokenised cards

    Single sign in for customers

    Single sign in for customers

    Your customer experience is simplified as all subsequent transactions do not require a sign in

  • Payments across all devices for customers

    Payments across all devices for customer

    Your customer has the freedom to transact at their convenience

How PayU Xpress works